Benefits of Using Container Rental Services

Find Out How You Can Benefit From Our Container Rental Services in Miri!

You can commonly find container rental services used by shipping companies. Although it is widely used by shipping containers, it does not mean that other services or industries don’t need it. Here at TKR Engineering, we also provide container services.

Do you know that container services can easily benefit you in quite a few ways? Container rental services really does benefit you in many ways. Here are some benefits of using the container rental services provided by TKR Engineering. Note that our container rental services are largely based in Miri, Sarawak. We don’t just provide container rental services to local Mirians, but we also provide the service to all Sarawak companies and Malaysian companies.

The Advantages of Using Container Rental Services

Let’s have a look at how you can benefit from container rental services from this mini-list.

1. Multi-purpose storage spaces

Storage containers can be used for a number of situations. Whether you need space for holding office files, unused equipment, or excess inventory, container rental can be a solution. The durable build of the storage containers means your assets will be safe from bad weather, worksite debris, and break-ins. Our storage container rentals come with a secure lock, protecting your valuable from raiders.

2. Efficiency

Travelling between an off-site storage unit can cost your company time and money. Having a storage unit at your workplace means that you can easily access important equipment and forms to complete your much needed daily tasks. Maximize productivity and flexibility when the things you need are stored within your easy reach. Storing machinery and other assets at an off-site location means you are limited to external business hours. You may not even be able to access your supplies when you need it.

Having your own storage also means you can rearrange for your equipment and assets as needed to fit your work. Remove and add any assets from the unit to meet the needs of your company. Choose the size that best fits you and can grow with your business.

3. Flexibility

Storage containers provide a lot of benefits if you are looking for a storage solution that can adapt to your plans on the go. By renting out your container instead of buying it, you can take this intrinsic flexibility even further.


Renting a shipping container works for circumstances where time is of the essence.

A storage container can be delivered to you in a relatively short period of time. You can even place it right where you need it. This makes it possible to quickly acclimatize to unforeseen complications in ongoing projects at home. You can even keep track of it at your place of business with on-demand storage space.

Retail businesses can benefit from the container rental process to help themselves prepare for seasonal purchasing spikes and other demanding times. That means they do not have to commit to a large payment. As soon as you no longer need your hired shipping container, you can return it without many problems. You can even immediately free up access to space it took up.

Buying a container out-and-out means making plans for long-term storage purposes. Even when the container rental is not in use, it can be more difficult to manage.


Renting a storage container for a short period of time is suggestively more cost-effective. It will certainly help you save some money than buying one for the same short-term purpose.

When you rent a storage container, you can take into consideration the type and size before you order it. It’s like just as you will if you were planning on buying the container. On the other hand, unlike making a full buy-out, you can choose to take on a leasing agreement that fits your needs.

Adjustable leasing agreements such as those on offer here at CBOX make it possible to rent containers for short periods of time very easily. You can also rent a storage container for a much longer period of time with a long-term lease or opt for a special finance lease to take ownership of your rented container after a set period of time.

4. Assessing the ideal size and space requirements of your shipping items

Although you can guesstimate the amount of space needed to carry out the work, a lot of companies often need to readjust their items/functions. This is to fit the smaller or larger container a lot better. If you’re buying a container for long-term use, this can be a huge interruption to your plan of space utilization in the future.

There are many different dimensions of shipping containers. However, it is quite challenging to regulate the ideal size for your project before actually utilizing it. Shipping container rentals provide you with the freedom to reconsider the best size of the container after the rental period. This way you can opt for a different size that is better suited for your needs when renting again.

Although this is considered a benefit, we recommend that you seek professional help from your shipping container rental company. You can get them to find the right unit size the first time, especially when you are considering a longer-term rental. If you get the incorrect size when renting, your provider can simply swap them out for you. Buying one will require you to sell the wrong unit first before replacing it. A lot of times these can be very problematic.


Shipping container rentals are great for users looking for short-term, seasonal storages. People looking to buy can still use the rental period as a trial time to reconsider the size and specifications. That way you are able to identify the necessary modifications before buying one. Whatever you require, you can always find us for assistance in identifying the best unit size for a better experience.

For more information, please call TKR Engineering Miri at +6085 433 101 or contact us here at our website.



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Great Custom Fabricated Services You Never Know You Need

Types of Civil Engineering

Custom Fabricated Services With Quality That Benefit You

Everyone Loves a Great Quality Custom Fabricated Service

Quality custom fabricated services are definitely important for a lot of construction companies. No two custom fabrication projects are the same. From the initial idea to the final product, you will need to find a potential company who can see you through from start to finish. Find a company that can keep your timeline and budget on track, and tackle any issues that come up throughout the custom fabricated servicing process.

Quality is something that a lot of clients are looking for when it comes to their custom fabricated projects. A lot of engineering companies are able to provide that. So that means, it’s a pretty competitive market for such projects. In this article, we will talk about why having quality custom fabricated services is important.

Engineers’ Industrial Experiences Matters

Engineers’ Industrial Experiences Matters
Template via Canva

Proper “architectural” drawings from the engineering team will allow the fabrication team to estimate the timeline and finances for the project. It can also identify the materials needed and determine the proper equipment and methods needed. At the same time, it can also look for areas that can be improved or enhanced. It also identifies any potential problems that may happen during the process.

Working with the right fabricator means that everything you need can come from just one working partner. When working with one partner who can tackle your project from the start to end means easier project management. It also means lower cost, and a much faster timeline.

That original rough sketch isn’t satisfactory enough to begin production. However, in-house engineers in a custom fabrication team can take those rough sketches, review the project, improve sub-par areas, and get your project started on the right track. In the overview of an experienced fabrication team, a skilled fabricator can begin to ask the right questions and guide you in the proper direction through each step. All the way from getting the proper drawings created to having your project completed for the right price. You can even expect it to complete with the highest quality.

It’s Great to Have a Skilled Fabricator With Diversified Skills

It’s Great to Have a Skilled Fabricator With Diversified Skills
Image via Canva

When you are considering a fabricator to team up with, you may feel enticed by companies offering specialised skills. However, looking for a suitable fabricator with diverse capabilities is usually the smarter choice for a number of reasons. When subcontracting, you can increase quality and reduce costs by settling for a fabricator with diverse capabilities.

Working with a specialist is great for a simple project. However, most fabrications are not one-dimensional. In most cases, your projects will need different specialists for different parts of the project.

If you opt for a real specialist to work with, this means you will need to get several different specialists to handle each different characteristic of the build. This makes management of the custom fabrication project considerably more difficult. Each contractor you take on to the project also adds increased timelines and expenses. Furthermore, there is a possible decrease in the overall quality level of the project.

A diverse fabricator is usually a much better choice for your project. They are able to tackle the entire project from the start to the end. The project will most likely include:

  • Engineering design
  • Welding capabilities
  • Forming
  • And additional services at your choosing

While a specialist with experience in a specific niche is important, a diverse fabricator will have the right mix of experience to carry your project thoroughly. Consider how long the company has been in the industry. Consider how much experience each of the craftsmen has for each part of your project too. It’s best to settle for a company who has done projects similar to the one you are doing. Preferably one who has a reputation for getting the job done properly.

Quality Process Equates Successful Custom Fabrication Projects

Quality Process Equates Successful Custom Fabrication Projects
Template via Canva

Quality control is what can determine whether custom fabrication projects will be successful. When looking for custom fabrication companies, you should look at how the metal fabrication organisation handles some of the important project aspects.

If a metal fabrication company has quality processes in place, the project has a better chance of success. Hearing that your metal shop hold high-quality standards is one thing. However, looking into their processes will give you a much-improved idea of how they are handled.

A successful quality process should have at least most, if not all of the following:

  • Safety
  • Managing costs
  • Compliance
  • Consistency
  • Reputation

The custom fabricator’s commitment to quality is evident in every job they do.

Planning Capability and Demand Reaction

Planning Capability and Demand Reaction
Template via Canva

When defining if your metal fabrication company is capable of planning and reacting to demand, there are certain “aspects” to look for. If your metal fabrication company meets these aspects, they will almost definitely be able to plan for and react to the demands of your company. When looking for a metal fabrication partner, look for pointers that they are ready to handle any issues that can arise during your project.

If your metal fabrication company of choice regularly fails to meet delivery times, they may not be the right choice for you. This typically means that they are quite likely unprepared for any change in forecasted and actual demand.

When the company you choose can’t meet your schedule, it will put your project behind your forecasted timeline. This will greatly influence your process and ability to deliver on time. It can impact your overall cost and reputation with your clients. Typically, it’s important to find a metal fabrication company that can meet delivery timelines.

When your metal fabrication partner is capable of planning and meeting demands, you can be certain that they are able to work with you on any project you have. When they are well-prepared, you will get the raw materials you need on time and in a cost-effective manner. This will allow you to be successful in your projects. When looking for a metal fabrication company, look into their history and established processes to see if they are ready to meet any future demands.


If you ever need custom fabricated services, TKR Engineering has it right here in Miri, Sarawak. We provide some of the best custom fabricated services around Sarawak, Malaysia. Be sure to look for us when you need our services!

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Cooling Technology for PPE

Different Types of Cooling PPE

Successfully Installed the Motor-Driven Pumps!

Successfully Installed the Motor-Driven Pumps for Chemical Injection Package!

We are able to offer customizable Chemical Injection Packages that feature unsurpassed reliability and quality. We are also involved in the design and construction commissioning of the skids and packages that comply with API standards.
With TKR Engineering, from initial sketching process to the finished system, everything from a single source.
tkr skid image
Image copyrighted for TKR Engineering
TKR Skid image 2
Image copyrighted for TKR Engineering

If you need any engineering solutions, feel free to contact us. Or you may reach out to us via the following contact details below:


Address: Lot 2075 Jalan Disa, Krokop,98000 Miri Sarawak

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm & Saturday 8am to 12pm

Office Telephone Numbers: +6085 416 320 or +6085 433 101


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4 Benefits of Structural Steel

And Reasons Why Construction Companies Prefer Steel

Structural steel has provided many benefits and advantages to many societies. We have previously talked about what structural steel is in a couple of articles here and here. According to Bright Hub Engineering, structural steel means:

“Structural steel is a category of steel construction material that is produced with a particular cross-section or shape, and some specified values of strength and chemical composition. Structural steel composition, strength, size, shape, strength, and storage are controlled in most advanced countries. The word structural steel includes a broad variety of low carbon and manganese steels that are used in great numbers for civil and marine engineering applications.”

A lot of structural steels also include smaller quantities of significant additions of other elements. You can expect to see elements such as Niobium, Vanadium, Titanium and Aluminium. These are also known as High Strength Low Alloy or micro-alloyed steels. Structural steels are often made in sections and plate shapes. They are normally used in infrastructures such as bridges, buildings, ships, and pipelines.

Ways That Structural Steel Construction Can Benefit Our Society

Structural Steel has advanced and evolved over the decades to be the building material of choice. It has been the top choice for a lot of things from small residential homes to skyscrapers. When architects make the decision to use structural steel over other materials (for example, concrete or wood), they do so because of steel’s overwhelming benefits. Compare steel to many other materials. It does indeed have more benefits comparably.

Even if concrete has to be utilized as the building material, it benefits a lot from the addition of a structural steel frame. Brick and wood transport with them a distinct aesthetic appeal. However, design flexibility often takes a back seat. For liberty of design, strength of integrity and ease of maintenance, structural steel is your smart choice.

According to Swanton Welding Company, here are some benefits of structural steel.

1. Durability

durability - tkr engineering - miri sarawak malaysia
Image via Pixabay

Structural Steel is greater in strength and it does not age or rot as quickly as other construction materials. It will then come with a much more developed strength-to-weight ratio (the strength of a material over its density) and tensile strength (ability to withstand stress from tension). You can expect the structural steel will make for a lighter building that needs a less substantial and expensive foundation.

2. Constructability

Constructability - tkr engineering - miri sarawak malaysia
Image via Pixabay

The strength, stiffness, durability, and ductile properties of structural steel allows it to be fabricated into an infinite variety of shapes. Steel structures are put together by bolting or welding the pieces together on site. They are done so as soon as they are delivered as opposed to concrete. Concrete may take up to several weeks to cure before construction can continue.

Distribution of a building’s density and tension stress among steel beams allows architects more freedom with design space. It also allows the ability to make last-minute changes.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

cost effectiveness - tkr engineering - miri sarawak malaysia
Image via Pixabay

Standardization and regulatory policies have made structural steel components reliable and convenient to erect after their fabrication. Modernized efficiency transfers to save time and money. It is also an earlier return on investment and condensed interest charges.

Short construction periods also ease less of a disruption to the neighbourhood of the site that is being developed. Settling for structural steel can save the developer money on community relations and government building permits.

Steel prices have also been steadily dropping recently. On the other hand, the metallurgy and steel fabrication industries have witnessed considerable technological developments. Productivity advances in the steel supply chain translate into the that developers have unencumbered access to quality structural steel at a more affordable cost.

4. Safety

safety - tkr engineering - miri sarawak malaysia
Image via Pixabay

Even though steel is a non-flammable material, the International Building Code requires it to be completely coated in a fire-resistant material. Its strength and integrity become significantly compromised if ever be exposed to fire.

Water-resistant coatings are also prudent in preventing structural steel from corroding. Fire-resistant coatings are usually also water-resistant. Structural steel lacks the absorbency necessary for mould and mildew growth. Steel makes it an ideal choice for residential buildings.

Off-site fabrication and rapid component assembly make structural steel integrally safer to manage at the construction site. Steel is boundlessly recyclable, making it also safe for its surrounding environment.


The bottom line is that structural steel has a few drawbacks. This is especially true when compared to other building materials such as concrete, brick and wood. However, the benefits clearly balance the scales in its favour. The most noteworthy concern once was the steel’s reaction to water and extreme temperatures. However, that problem has been addressed by the industry and regulating organizations. Expect the list of benefits to growing as the use of structural steel endures to proliferate and advances. You should also expect its design and technique continue to be made.

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3 Common Responsibilities of Marine Engineers

4 Reasons Why Engineering Management Matters

3 Common Responsibilities of Marine Engineers

Maritime Engineers’ Tasks Vary Between Ranks

There are quite a number of marine engineering responsibilities a marine engineer has to see to. As a branch of engineering, marine engineers will see that their responsibilities are as stressful as the other engineering branches.

Marine engineers’ regular tasks usually encompass anything marine and offshore. Therefore, it is normal for marine engineers to be based on offshore rigs and marine vessels. It is also normal to hear about how stressful it is for marine engineers on their jobs. Especially when they have to be based offshore for months around. Having said that, being a marine engineer requires the individual to be mentally and emotionally steady.

Main Responsibilities of Marine Engineers

The common responsibilities of marine engineers are many. Monitoring and maintenance of mechanical systems is one of those main responsibilities. Engineers of varying ranks on board ship is allocated precise machinery and systems for maintenance and monitoring purposes.

Machinery systems are allocated among all engineers. It is the duty of each engineer to make sure that their machinery is running properly at all times. Marine engineers are also needed to look after the machinery on deck.

Here are 3 main responsibilities of a marine engineer.

1. Proper record-keeping and planning maintenance 

Proper record-keeping and planning maintenance 
Image via Pixabay

The engine room department functions as a team to make sure of the maintenance of all machinery systems is carried out. It has to follow accordingly to the planned maintenance system. Precise and accurate record-keeping of different parameters is carried out for official paperwork and reporting purposes.

2. Fuel oil bunkering 

Marine engineers are also responsible for the transfer of fuel oil to the ship from a bunker station or barge. It is typically the duty of the 4th engineer who also takes regular soundings of the fuel oil tanks. The very same engineer will also have to report it to the chief engineer for planning bunkering procedures.

3. Emergency breakdown and repair

Emergency breakdown and repair
Image via Pixabay

Marine engineering also teaches the individual how to handle main maintenance and breakdown of machinery systems. This is especially important as these marine engineers will have to handle all of these while at sea. Although marine engineers are expected to be capable of the same, there are times when there may be a need for experts. In such scenarios, marine engineers are needed and advised to work with the experts to repair and resolve the issue.

On top of the above-mentioned duties, a marine engineer on ships is needed to follow all the instructions of the chief engineer. They will also have to listen to the head of the engine room department while they are still on board.

What is the workplace of a Marine Engineer like?

A good lot of a marine engineer’s responsibilities can be performed in their office. However, there are times when sea trials are part of their job responsibilities. Marine engineers may have to spend time aboard a ship to test how the vessel is performing. They will also have to gather information for maintenance. Sometimes, they may have to gather information for an upcoming retrofit.

Marine engineers who concentrate on offshore drilling will often find themselves spending time on the oil rig. When they are there, they will have to oversee and manage maintenance. They may even have to oversee repair efforts involving the rig’s mechanical systems due to their marine engineering responsibilities.

Different Marine Engineer Ranks

Different Marine Engineer Ranks
Image via Pixabay

There are several marine engineering ranks within the industry. Each of them holds different responsibilities. Here are some of the examples.

a. Chief marine engineer

The chief engineer of the ship is the leader of the technical department of the ship. It is his responsibility to ensure that the engine room machinery functions properly for a smooth voyage. According to the Safety of life at sea (SOLAS) convention (international maritime laws for maritime safety), it is the responsibility of the chief engineer to take care of the safety of maritime professionals working in the engine room.

In the maritime law, it says that the operation of the ship and its equipment should be properly taken care of by the chief engineer. It should satisfy all minimum standards of safety.

There are several duties of the chief maritime engineer. It applies in both emergency and general conditions.

  • The chief maritime engineer should make sure that all the ship’s machinery and equipment are functioning in an efficient manner in order to support safe navigation of the ship.
  • Regular inspections of equipment dealing with ship and personal safety must be carried out by the same chief officer at consistent intervals
  • All items used for pollution prevention has to be frequently checked and tried out for proper working conditions
  • Chief engineer should put down a set of standing orders for each crew member under his overview

Above are some of the common responsibilities of a chief marine engineer.

b. 2nd Engineer

The 2nd engineer offers supreme assistance to the Chief engineer for running the ship efficiently. On top of that, second engineer is also responsible for all the operational engineers and the crew in the engine room. He makes sure and overlooks their personnel safety and routine duties. He also plans the overall maintenance of all the machinery that are located in the engine room of the ship.

Here are some of the common responsibilities of the 2nd marine engineer.

  • Safety of Personnel: Second engineer is in charge of risk assessment, briefing and safety training of the entire engine crew. He will have to pay extra attention especially for the junior engineers and new crew. All the emergency machinery and equipment underSOLAS are also under the overview of the second engineer.
  • Engine Room Management Responsibility: He is the go-to person for managing the engine room staff. At the same time, he has to carry out duties of the engine room. As the assistant to the chief engineer, he will directly report to the chief engineer. He will also become the PIC of the engine room on his absence.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Machinery: The second engineer is also responsible for the maintenance of all the engine room and deck machinery. He also has to overlook all the machineries and safety systems are working safely. The 2nd engineer just has to efficiently take care of it within the provided parameters.

c. Third Engineer

The third marine engineer’s role is quite similar to the second assistant engineer. His role depends on what the 2nd marine engineer does. However, his role is usually in charge of boilers, fuel, auxiliary engines, condensate and feed systems. People can consider him as the third most senior engine officer on board.

At times he may be responsible for fuelling (bunkering). If so, he may hold a valid PIC endorsement for fuel transfer operations. Once again, his precise duties will usually depend upon the type of ship and arrangement of the engine department.

The above ranks are just some of the common ranks of marine engineers on board a vessel. The marine engineering responsibilities (and pay bands) cascades as the seniority of the rank goes.


The bottom line is that the responsibilities of a marine engineer responsibilities is wide and varying. Their main responsibility is to the vessel and its crew members. They ensure that the vessel is in smooth operation and that the crew’s welfare is well taken cared of.

If you ever need engineering services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Here Are 4 Creative Ways That TKR Engineering Handle Workplace Safety

4 Reasons How Engineering Management is Beneficial

4 Ways We Handle Workplace Safety

Safety Where You Work Is Imperative After All

Workplace safety is something that TKR Engineering holds in very high regard. As we often deal with high levels of hazards and similar risks, it is only normal that we have to be ready. At all times. And for a good cause too.

As we have stressed workplace safety more often than not, here are some ways that we handle workplace safety. We made it amusing while taking it seriously.

1. Periodical fire drill practice

Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy for TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy for TKR Engineering

Fire breakouts are some of the most common workplace risks. For that very reason, we ensure that our staffs are trained and updated periodically on what to do. Just in case a fire breaks out, our staffs are trained on how to use the fire extinguisher and the fire hose.

Training and practices are done regularly on a monthly basis. Selected staffs are asked to attend for an updated practice.

While training for it, our staffs are also educated on the different kinds of “fire hazards”. They were educated on a variety of fire-related hazards while at it. At the same time, they are also taught what kinds of anti-inflammatory items to use. We made sure that just in case a fire breaks out, our staffs are well-prepared for it.

2. Slip, trip, and fall awareness

slip trip and fall awareness picture tkr engineering malaysia
Image courtesy for TKR Engineering
slip trip fall awareness tkr engineering malaysia image
Image courtesy for TKR Engineering

The slip, trip, and fall awareness occasion are to guide and train our staffs about the “dangers” of slipperiness. Malaysia is a tropical country. It rains a lot here in this South-East Asian nation. It is only “standard procedure” that we take extra precautions in anti-slip and anti-trip falls.

The slip, trip, and fall awareness are just that – bringing awareness to our staffs about the possible problems caused by wetness. We have to make sure that our staffs are careful when it comes to dampness and puddling at our office areas.

We have guided them on the possible ways to reduce or eliminate wetness at our workplace. That way our workplace safety is not compromised.

3. Wearing the correct and proper fitting PPE gears

Image copyright for TKR Engineering
Image copyright for TKR Engineering

This is by far self-explanatory. Working around hazardous chemicals and dangerous items can be life-threatening. PPE does not necessarily remove or completely protect you from the hazards and dangers. However, staffs are often advised to wear it to reduce any potential bodily harm.

At the same time, we’d also like to mention that it’s strongly advisable for staffs to wear fitting gears. Protective gears that are the right fitting size for you. No one size bigger or one size smaller. It has to be the correct size. PPE is not meant to make you feel too comfortable or look great. It’s meant to prevent and reduce any harm that comes your way.

4. Regular checkup and maintenance of company properties

Regular checkup and maintenance of company properties
Image via Canva

Our HSE staffs regularly check our workplace property for any damages or problems at hand. They ensure that every item, every vehicle, every area is in proper and working conditions. Any damaged vehicles or areas in the office can lead to further deterioration. Further deterioration can lead to possible workplace safety compromise.

Nobody wants to work in an office or area that is surrounded by damages. That is why our HSE staffs are constantly keeping the workplace in check. Anything to keep our workplace safe from potential risks.


Workplace safety definitely means a lot to TKR Engineering. It is something that we do not take lightly. We hold workplace safety in high regards. At the same time, we have taken measures in order to ensure high levels of workplace safety.

If you ever need engineering services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be ready and more than happy to help.

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Why Engineering Management Matters

TKR Engineering Values Workplace Safety

4 Reasons Why Engineering Management Matters

And why you need it

Engineering management covers a wide range of field. Although there is a wide range of different kinds of engineering types, engineering management is where engineering is mixed with management. We have previously talked about engineering management and its uses here.

This is basically what engineering management means:

Engineering management in simple, layman’s explanation means having both the aptitude of engineering skills and management skills. Engineering management basically means preparing the engineer with business acumen. Having a combination of business and management with real technical expertise can bring many benefits to engineering firms. Engineers with strong business management skills play a key role in preparing the next generation of managers in the engineering sector.

However, in a lot of engineering firms, it’s great to have a senior positioned engineer take charge of the firm under the boss. For such a senior engineer, it’s great to have effective management skills.

With that being said, let’s see how engineering management can benefit you.

Why You Need Engineering Management

Here are some reasons how your company can benefit from great engineering management.

1. Skills and insights that can provide better advantages for your company

And why you need engineering management - team work
Image via Canva

Engineering management needs a set of highly technical that comes with emotional intelligence and team management skills. You’ll also need to comprehend how to manage and run a project. Unlike most management roles, engineering managers are expected to the understanding of how to run an engineering business. In a competitive market, these skills are precious. Employers are often on the lookout for engineers who can do the work and will also have a strong grasp of what goes on behind the scenes in the engineering business.

Having a practical business outlook on top of your engineering skills means a lot of useful things. It can mean that you will be able to manage projects while keeping higher-level business needs in mind. This is a quality that many engineering employers look for in an engineering manager: the ability to do the work while meeting business targets.

At the same time, being an engineer manager also means that you are well-prepared for new market changes. Without a doubt, engineering markets are always updating. What’s important is how to weather the emotionally stressful side of the industry. Handle both emotional and workplace issues, you’ll be able to go far with your management skills.

2. Opportunity and Relationship Management

Engineering management can provide better advantages for your company
Image via Canva

Part of having great engineering management set up for excellence is figuring out the “right” opportunities and relationships. As soon as the relationships are in place, the opportunities will start to come in. Understanding which ones to tackle and which ones to give up on is more art than science. it comes with a combination of skillset, bandwidth, and alignment. You will certainly want to keep solving newer and more interesting problems. However, that implies a certain mastery of yesterday’s problems. And, even if all those ingredients are available, the relationship aspect still plays a big part.

You can understand that your engineering manager essentially work for your team and have done what’s needed to establish robust lines of communication. Then you will start focusing on relationships. You understand relationships – long-lived with ups and downs, brimming with potential that’s sometimes unfulfilled. Each individual on your team is in it for the long haul – think and plan accordingly. Going one step further, engineering managers will see that they start to behave as one unit that builds relationships with other teams. These can be users, customers, dependencies, partners, overlords, and whatnot. The success of your team is tied largely to intra-team and inter-team relationships.

3. Aiming for bigger and better goals against your competitors

Engineering management better goals against your competitors
Image via Canva

Working as a team and company developer is great. You get to be hands-on with the technology. At the same time, you get to solve difficult problems and then deliver them as part of the team. However, for some engineering managers, they may be really good at some parts of the technical role. Some others are more skilled and passionate about other parts.

Some engineering managers get more satisfaction from achieving a big goal as part of a team. Rather than achieving a smaller one as an individual. As an engineering manager, you can play a small role in towards the bigger goal. Add it all up, and you can see that engineering management made a big impact on the firm’s outcome.

As engineering managers, they are in an intense competition with other top companies for new engineering talent. Choosing a strong candidate takes strategy, execution, and sometimes a little bit of luck. Just like closing out a tennis match against a difficult opponent. If you are great (and you better be good at choosing), you will win more than you lose. When you lose, you need to be able to let it go and learn from your mistakes. You should then get ready for the next one.

What made it so satisfying in engineering management was that while your team may all be strong at execution, remember it’s all about tackling the real work to earn results. Engineering management people should be there to help, challenge, and encourage their teams along the way.


If you ever need engineering services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help you along the way. Our engineering team is managed by some of the best engineering managements around town. You will not be disappointed by our top-notch engineering management and services.

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Company Fire Drill Practice (December 2020)

5 Reasons You Can Benefit From Civil Engineering

Marine Engineering: 4 Benefits People Need

How Marine Engineering Has Kept Many Sectors Afloat and Sailing

Marine engineering, by contrary beliefs, is a vital aspect of engineering for a lot of industries. Often, you can see oil and gas sectors, maritime companies, and export-import industries needing various forms of marine engineering.

Marine engineering - why you need it
Image via Canva

Having said that, it simply means that these sectors benefits from marine engineering. There are various ways that these sectors benefit from marine engineering. That translates into marine engineering being much needed by a lot of these sectors. Furthermore, as long as its needed, it will keep marine engineering relevant.

Advantages of Marine Engineering

If you are in some of the following sectors, then you may need marine engineering:

  • Oil and gas sectors
  • Maritime companies
  • Export-import industries
  • And many other industries that travels by sea

Here are some ways such industries can benefit from marine engineering.

1. Constant and Continuous Maintenance

Marine engineer - maintenance and repair works
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Everyone knows that transportation needs regular maintenance. From regular checkups, to repairs, and even a new paint job, they need maintenance. Marine engineers will find themselves in positions where they have to help with onboard ship repairs and maintenance.

The upkeep of a ship is a costly one, but it’s needed anyway. If you wish to maintain long term business with consistent profits, then it’s definitely a good idea to maintain the ship.

2. Offshore and Marine Safety is Especially Imperative

maritime engineering - safety
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Marine engineers are also responsible for keeping tabs of a boat’s safety. Accidents on boats such as boat fires, engine malfunctioning, etc., are not talked about often. A lot of times boaters and ship operators take for granted that nothing bad will happen onboard. However, they are very wrong. They totally forgot that anything can happen even when the boats are docked or berthed.

Therefore, it’s great to get a marine engineer on board to help maintain the ship.

3. Having Certain Influence Over Maritime Laws

Being a marine engineer means you have a certain voice and influence over future maritime laws. This is mostly because marine engineers understand their industry more than anyone else for obvious reasons. That means they are able to push for better and improved maritime laws.

4. Transferable Skills to Other Engineering Types

Marine engineer - upskilling
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Marine engineer may be a relatively new engineering type. However, there are certain skills and aspects that they can transfer to other engineering departments. These transferable skills have been proven useful as the marine engineers are able to find a new job within the same sector when laid off.

Generally, marine engineers learn different aspects of engineering from other engineering types. That means when they are looking for a new engineering job, they can shift to another different engineering kind. They just need to upskill other parts of engineering as a form of upgrading themselves.


Marine engineers are useful in numerous ways. They contribute so much to the maritime industry, which in turn benefits so many other industries that need the sea.

If you ever need marine engineer services, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help.

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Company Safety Training: Monthly Fire Drill Practice for December 2020

Monthly Company Safety Training

Fire Drill Practise
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering

Every month, TKR Engineering’s parent company Misarma Enterprise will conduct a fire drill practice as a company safety training. This month, we did another fire drill company safety practice.

Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering

We take workplace safety in high regards. In the company, we make sure that our staffs are able to protect themselves in case a fire breaks out.

Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering
Image courtesy to TKR Engineering

If you have any needs for safety and PPE equipment, come and find us. We are ready to help and provide.

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4 Reasons Why You Need Boat Maintenance

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Boat Maintenance: 4 Reasons Why You Need It

Keeping Your Boat Well Maintained Is Important

Boat maintenance is a vital part of any boat upkeep. A lot of ships from any industry will need some form of boat maintenance. When companies say that they need boat maintenance, it usually means almost anything:

Boats need maintenance and upkeep for a myriad of reasons. Here are some reasons why you need it.

4 Reasons Why You Need Boat Upkeep

1. Avoid battery and engine problems

Boat maintenance - tkr engineering
Image via Canva

Battery and engine problems have been a prevalent issue in many boats. It can come from a series of pre-existing issues. Follow the simple steps below in keeping your boat well-maintained:

  • Always replace the engine’s reeling battery with another marine battery. Choose one that has thicker plates and a more robust design. Try not to choose an auto battery to withstand the strong vibration and pounding a boat can deliver.
  • Secure the marine battery with a good battery tray, which should at least have a base that is screwed or bolted to the boat. Or you can choose a rigid bracket or a locking strap to hold it to the base. You certainly do not want the battery smashing around in rough water.
  • Frequently check the battery terminal connections to ensure that they are snug and free of corrosion. If you use the boat less than frequently, then use a maintenance-type battery charger to keep the battery fully charged between trips.

2. Prevent fuel problems

tkr engineering ship maintenance
Image via Canva

Using the wrong fuel may destroy your boat and its engine. Here are some tips when it comes to fuel problems:

  • If possible, fuel your boat with gasoline that does not contain ethanol. If only ethanol-blend fuel is available, then make sure to only use fuel with up to 10% ethanol (E10). No marine engine is certified to operate on fuel with more than 10% ethanol. Try to by fresh gas from a busy fuel dock or gas station where you can.
  • Use a fuel stabilizer additive if you don’t forestall using most of the fuel in your boat within a couple of weeks. Modern gasoline can begin to oxidize and form problem-causing deposits in the fuel system in just a few weeks. This is especially true in older engines fitted with a carburetor rather than fuel injection.
  • Install a 10-micron water-separating fuel filter between the fuel tank and the engine. This can have a spin-off filter element. Many newer boats are already equipped with these filters. This can in turn keep water and very fine particles of debris out of the engine. Carry a spare filter element on the boat where you can.

3. Have a solid maintenance plan

tkr engineering - boat upkeep
Image courtesy of TKR Engineering

It’s all in having a solid maintenance plan. Lack of a coherent plan makes it impossible for many marine operators to enjoy maximum satisfaction from their watercraft. Regardless of how prudent you are, a boat is an expensive transaction.

Buying one without having a plan on how to maintain and run it without spending so much money is a recipe for disaster. You will want to have as much information as you can get on the best boat for your budget range. Part of your investigation should include shopping for brands with a reputation for being trustworthy and easy to maintain.

There are boat brands that deliver optimal utility with light maintenance with OEM and off-the-market spares. Don’t buy a boat without thinking properly about the maintenance and other related costs. It’s the best way to avoid any costly mistakes.

4. Price as an indicator for long-term maintenance

tkr engineering ship upkeep
Image courtesy of TKR Engineering

Remember that selling a boat a few years after buying may end in a loss. Buy a boat you can own for at least 10 years so you can get the maximum value. The price of a boat usually gives a clue about the cost of maintaining it. If you wish to save money on maintenance, get a boat you or your company can afford. That way, it becomes easier to pay for any expenses that come your way.

The higher the price of a boat, the more expensive its parts and maintenance costs. It’s like owning a Porsche versus a Toyota Corolla car. The premium price of the former means every product and service attached to its maintenance will command high prices to reflect the vehicle class.

So, before you sign that contract to finance that boat, think about the accessibility of spare parts. Also, think about the technical knowhow. If you are going for the best boat on the market, make sure to budget for top dollar maintenance.


Remember that boat maintenance is as important. We are very sure that you do not wish to pay for an expensive boat upkeep long term. Therefore, remember to do really good research before committing. After all, you do not wish to get your hands on a lemon boat either!

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