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TKR Engineering, established in 2019, is a recently formed company dedicated to upholding standards of quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficient project delivery. Our initial focus was on supplying to the oil and gas industry, and subsequently, we expanded our reach to the maritime sector, catering to both upstream and downstream clients, as well as providing onshore industrial supplies.
Our primary objective at TKR Engineering is to concentrate on the engineering industry, aiming to enhance project management and service efficiency. We understand the importance of meeting our clients’ requirements for convenient, time-efficient procurement, ensuring the timely delivery of supplies at competitive prices.
Situated at a private wharf along Baong River, also known as Miri River, our headquarters strategically position us for optimal logistical advantages. The Baong River serves as a vital conduit for cargo vessels, facilitating entry and exit. It plays a pivotal role in trans-loading operations, berthing, repair and maintenance services, and other pertinent activities related to the shipping industries.

Barry Mike Mathew Managing Director

We aim to be the global reputable engineering partner in energy and construction sector.
We create value to our clients by providing exceptional service with professional approach and strive to deliver superior quality projects to our clients while meeting budget and schedule goals.
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