We aim to leave a positive mark on all of our projects by consistently meeting your engineering requirements. Fear not as we will deliver sustainable projects of value to our clients.


TKR Engineering to Deliver a Quality Services

TKR Engineering is a relatively new company established in 2019. We are thoroughly committed to quality, cost-effectiveness, and effective project delivery. We initially started TKR Engineering by supplying to oil and gas industry players. After that we moved on to the maritime industry, upstream and downstream clients, and onshore industrial supplies.

TKR Engineering is formed to focus mainly on the engineering industry to allow for more efficient project management and services. We recognise our clients’ needs for convenience, non-time-consuming purchase and on-time delivery of supplies at a competitive price.

TKR Engineering is headquartered at an entirely private wharf located alongside Baong River, which is also known as Miri River.

The Baong River serves as a main route for cargo vessel to gain entry and exit. It plays a major role as a transit for trans-loading operation, berthing, repair and maintenance services and other related matters to shipping industries.

Tang Siong Chung Managing Director

Our Vision

We aim to be the global reputable engineering partner in energy and construction sector.

Our Mission

We create value to our clients by providing exceptional service with professional approach and strive to deliver superior quality projects to our clients while meeting budget and schedule goals.

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We are open to any cooperation with other companies! We can establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations
and become reliable partners.

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