TKR Engineering Values Workplace Safety

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TKR Engineering Values Workplace Safety

Top-Notch Safety At Our Workplace

TKR Engineering is committed to workplace safety. We never take safety for granted and have always been dedicated to maintaining it at high levels. At the same time, our partner companies, Misarma Enterprise, Misarma Marine, Misarma Supply, Armada Bangsa, EVOL Technologies, and Prokil Pest are equally as committed to workplace safety as we are.

Ways to Uphold Workplace Safety

As TKR Engineering upholds workplace safety to a fault, here are some ways we uphold workplace safety.

1. Wear relevant and proper PPE at all times

Image copyright for TKR Engineering
Image copyright for TKR Engineering

As we are an engineering firm, we work with the oil and gas sector the most. We ensure that our staffs are to wear the relevant and correct PPE at all times. It is especially imperative that our staffs wear them when working onsite.

Some people tend to feel “uncomfortable” wearing PPE for a myriad of reasons. Reasons ranging from being too hot and stuffy, too tight, or just feel like it’s obtrusive. However, unfortunately, they will still have to keep it on whenever they are working on site.

PPE serves as a protective entity. It was meant to reduce the damage done by the workplace accident. PPE doesn’t prevent workplace accidents; it reduces risks. However, it’s the preventive measure in place and following them that further eliminates the risk of workplace accidents.

2. Have preventive measures in place

Image copyright for TKR Engineering
Image copyright for TKR Engineering

Wearing and using the correct PPE can only reduce so much risk. However, what enhances workplace safety is the preventive measures put in place. Having staffs follow it accordingly is what matters most.

As soon as these preventive measures are put in place, staffs are advised to observe it accordingly. Every one of our staffs is informed of any preventive measure updates. They will be kept in the loop for any new preventive measures.

3. General workplace training for safety measures

Image copyright for TKR Engineering
Image copyright for TKR Engineering

For any preventive measures put in place, if there are any needs for staff training, we will make sure of it. Every new staff will be given in-house training of the safety measures observed by TKR Engineering. They will be given hands-on training of our safety rules.

If there are any new and updated safety rules, TKR Engineering will provide the necessary training where needed.


With all that being said, we are proud to have a solid enough workplace safety. We make sure that our staffs are safe while working at our office grounds. TKR Engineering made sure that none of our staffs gets into accidents stemmed from lack of workplace safety. Our HSE personnel made sure of that.

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