Oilfield Chemicals

industrial Chemicals

We at TKR Engineering offer a wide range of chemicals that also accommodate oilfield applications including for drilling, cementing and stimulation.

Our products enable customers to maximize value in their

oilfield operations, and increase the overall efficiency of the well.

Downhole Chemicals

OperationApplicationSmart Code
Cementing AdditivesAntifoam agentSMLZ-2F
Fluid Loss AddictiveSMLZ-108
Fluid Loss AddictiveSMLZ-FL-116
Retarder for low to medium temperatureSMLZ-80
Retarder for high temperatureSMLZ-6R
Stimulation AdditivesChelating AgentSMLZ-UCX
Corrosion InhibitorSMLZ-APQ-CA
Iron StabilizerSMLZ-EA

Pipeline and Refinery Chemicals

ApplicationSmart Code
Asphaltene dispersantSMLZ-AD-Z2
BiocideGlutaraldehyde 50%
BiocideTHPS 75%
Corrosion inhibitor multi-functionSMLZ-IM-CU3
Corrosion inhibitor for gasSMLZ-IM-CU5
Drag reducer agentSMLZ-DRG-2A
H2S scavengerSMLZ-TY-02
Paraffin removerSMB solvent
Viscosity reducerSMLZ-CJ-5
Wax dispersantSMLZ-WD-ZY1

Areas of Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

Whether for the conveyance or further treatment of raw materials – our products and systems offer solutions for all processes in oil and gas production.

Product applications Chemicals Purpose
Treating oil, gas, and water Foam inhibitors Reduce foam to ensure optimal and thorough flow rate
Oxygen binders Remove residual oxygen
Paraffin inhibitors Prevent paraffin formation
Demulsifiers, emulsion breakers Split stable oil-water emulsions
Oil separators/flocculants Separate oil and production water
PH control agents Reduce glycol decomposition
Polyelectrolytes Filter aids
Asphalt inhibitors, antifouling agents Prevent asphalt formation
Corrosion inhibitors Reduce corrosion in pipelines
Friction reducers, flow rate improvers Reduce friction losses in pipelines
Hydrogen sulfide binders Avoid the formation of dissolved sulfides and Hydrogen sulfide
Hypochlorites Prevent the growth of organisms
Hydrate inhibitors with low density/LDHI Hydrate inhibitors with low metering rate
Biocides Reduce the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
Calcium nitrates Prevent the formation of dissolved sulfides and Hydrogen sulfide
High-pressure injection Carbon dioxide CO2 Injection underground
Hydrogen sulfide H2S Injection underground
Methanol/ethanol Injection underground
Glycol (MEG/TEG) Injection underground
Sealless conveying Glycol (MEG/TEG) Injection underground
Gas-powered systems for injecting chemicals Corrosion inhibitors, methanol Inject chemicals without emitting (acid) gas in unmanned and distant production sites or pipelines