Things That Engineers Do To Design Plans

Before an engineer goes on to execute his plan, he goes through the design process. The design process is an important procedure before they start constructing the building or structure. This extends into every area of engineering types.

You will commonly find that design process is present in every engineering types. The design process is to kickstart the entire engineering project, in simple understanding.

Here are some steps that an engineer will take in design processes.

Step 1 – Ask and Identify the Needs and Constraints

Engineers usually ask critical questions about what they want to create in this stage. Whether the design is intended for a skyscraper, amusement park ride, bicycle or even a smartphone. These questions should include: What is the problem at hand to solve? What do they want to design? Who is intended it for? What do they wish to accomplish? Or what are the project requirements? What are the limitations? And what is their goal?

Step 2 – Research the Problem

This includes talking to people from many different specialising backgrounds to help with researching what products or solutions already exist. Or what technologies may be adaptable to their clients’ needs.

Step 3 – Imagine and Develop Possible Solutions

Engineers will work together in a team to brainstorm ideas and develop as many solutions as possible. This is the time where engineers are encouraged wild ideas and defer judgment. They can build on the ideas of others, focus on a topic. They may also have one conversation at a time! Always remember though, good design is all about the engineers’ teamwork!

Step 4 – Choose a Promising Solution

For many engineering teams in the design process, this is the hardest step! They have to revisit the needs, constraints and research from the earlier steps. At times, they also have to compare their best ideas, and so on. They may have to choose and settle on one solution. Then make a plan to move forward with it.

Step 5 – Create and Build a Prototype

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Constructing a prototype makes your ideas real. The early versions of the design solution help the engineer and his team verify whether the design meets the original challenge objectives. Engineers often push themselves for creativity, imagination and excellence in design.

Step 6 – Test and Evaluate The Prototypes

Does the prototype function? Does it help solve the need? Engineers often communicate the results and receive feedback. This is where engineers analyse and discuss what works in the design process, what doesn’t and what can be improved.

Step 7 – Improve and Redesign as Needed

Engineers discuss and access how they can improve their solutions. They can make revisions and draw new designs. They can iterate their design to make their product the best it can be. Then rinse and repeat the steps.


The design process is basically what engineers need to get their projects kickstarted. It’s where it all starts. It’s an important step, and it’s essential to their job.

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